Basic Video Editing

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About Course

If you are a complete newbie or have never opened Adobe Premiere Pro CC before, this course is for you. Since this is a beginner’s level course, we will go from the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Pro to its some advanced features. Because this is a project-based program, you will be able to use your newly acquired skills in a live class project. This session will teach you every fundamental tips and tricks of video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What Will You Learn?

  • Install and configure software, set up project spaces.
  • Import and edit footage effectively.
  • Perform color grading for enhanced visual impact.
  • Apply seamless video and audio transitions.
  • Employ noise reduction techniques and ensure audio leveling.
  • Adjust video speed and utilize layer nests for sophisticated editing.
  • Incorporate text and animations seamlessly.
  • Integrate images with dynamic animations.
  • Implement cinematic and blur effects for artistic expression.
  • Create professional end credits and export the final video.

Course Content

Course Curriculum
This is an introduction to the process of critical thinking. This course will explain what critical thinking and how to develop critical thinking skills. Students from this course will benefit in their productivity and clarity in daily performance.

  • 01:53
  • Software installation and setting project spaces
  • Import footage and how to edit
  • Color grading
  • Apply video and audio transitions
  • Noise reduction and audio levelling
  • Video speed adjustment and layer nests
  • Adding text and animation
  • Adding image and animation
  • Cinematic and blur effects
  • End credit and video export
  • Final Test

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