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R-Academy is a virtual learning service for the Rohingya people to equip them with culture, language and other skills that enable them to excel and earn, administered by the Rohingya Project. The goal of R-Academy is to offer easily accessible edutainment content to diasporic Rohingya communities through online delivery. It is a community-developed education academy, due to the denial or underfunding of formal services in refugee camps and host countries, providing social inclusion and economic empowerment. R-Academy is targeting young adults in the Rohingya communities who have access to basic mobile technology but are unable to tap into formal education routes.

Our Team

Saqib Sheikh


Muhammad Noor


Sarah Godek



There is seemingly no end in sight for the plight of the Rohingya people. Persecuted for over 50 years and driven by military force from their ancestral lands, the Rohingya diaspora now constitutes over 2 million people across over a dozen nations globally including hundreds of thousands of refugees living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. As a result of the genocide and resultant diaspora, the Rohingya people are longing for sustainable solutions to not only secure resources, but also to rebuild their culture and become self-actualized by pursuing opportunities enjoyed by many globally.

On top of this, Rohingya refugees in their host societies are being restricted from accessing primary and secondary formal education as well as job opportunities. Expression of Rohingya culture and language is also under threat as this multigenerational crisis persists. There is an urgent demand for a new approach to offer quick and accessible educational and cultural awareness opportunities to these populations given the limitations that currently are in place.

How does it work?

  • Unique course content geared towards Rohingya audiences, including promotion of Rohingya culture, language skills and vocational skills.
  • Innovative edutainment content including gamified quizzes, exercises, videos and other tools accessible on mobile app and desktop platforms. 
  • Incentive-based course progression based on a learn-to-earn model that allows the Rohingya to be rewarded for their time investment in their own education

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